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Our lab is dedicated to implementation and development of secure protocols for computer networks and distributed systems. We SPIDers here are currently conducting research in the areas of network anomaly detection, secure sensor network infrastructures, and security of intermediate network devices. Our focus is not only on the implementation and development of secure protocols, but also on the verification of their correctness, because incorrect implementation of security can be even worse than no security. To ensure the practicability of our protocols, we also consider and evaluate the tradeoff between security and efficiency in the development process. We look forward to making contributions in the collective efforts to fight various network security threats and make the Internet a more secure place.

We are affiliated with the USC Information Security Laboratory and the USC Center for Information Technology. Our research has been sponsored by NSF and AFOSR.

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Secure Protocol Implementation and Development (SPID) Group
c/o Prof. Chin-Tser Huang
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Swearingen Engineering Center 3A59
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

Voice: 803-777-4635
Fax: 803-777-3767
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